Pool Types currently live on Symmetric

Weighted Pools

Weighted Pool contract address on Telos EVM: 0xdd58D43a829067129B8C37f1924D31B1896ac0C6

Weighted pools use math based on traditional 50-50 style pools, with the key distinction that they allow users to create and provide liquidity in various weights. This gives users the opportunity to benefit from customizing their own exposure to assets in liquidity pools while minimizing Impermanent Loss.

Weighted Pools on Telos EVM:

tSYMM (80) wTLOS (20)

The core pool providing liquidity for the tSYMM token and ultimately powers and secures the protocol.

wTLOS (80) USDT (20)

This pool type allows for a larger exposure to TLOS token with a smaller exposure to one of the largest Stables in the ecosystem. This allows for a bullish bias towards TLOS while minimizing impermanent loss if the token increases in value. In this case, if TLOS were to increase in price by a factor of 5, impermanent loss would be more than 6 times less in an 80/20 pool vs. a 50/50.

Composable Stable Pools

Composable Stable Pool contract address on Telos EVM: 0x98add7DC34a382e188be709a72Ca8fCDF7e548db

Symmetric’s Composable Stable Pools are designed for assets that are expected to maintain a consistent value relative to each other. Composable Stable Pools feature stable math, which allow for larger swaps with little effect on the price of correlated or soft-pegged assets. These pools also allow for their LP token to be used in other pools, resulting in deeper liquidity and less price fluctuation on large swaps.

Composable Stable Pools on Telos EVM


sTLOS (staked TLOS) is a token representing TLOS token that has been staked with Telos Liquid Staking, which accrues the returns of the staking mechanism into the token itself. Composable Stable Pools represent a fantastic solution for providing market liquidity for sTLOS, as the tokens are correlated but not pegged.


Bridged From LayerZero, USDC and USDT represent the most popular stablecoins on Telos EVM. Pairing them together in a Composable Stable Pool is a perfect solution to deepening liquidity and lowering price effect of large trades. Additionally, the LP token from this parent pool can be used in other pools on Symmetric v3, consolidating stable liquidity and creating the most efficient and direct routes between tokens.

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